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Friday, July 13, 2012



This vibrating inflation massager are to solve above problem. It is a new technology. It is easy to carry, without using electrical. It can use on office, family, car and some other environment. It can massage on the waist, neck and feet.

Using Instructions:
Inflate the product with air.
Open the zipper and put the battery
Close the zipper and begin to use.
This product only are massage air cushion, please do not sit on the product.

This product have below function: Good appearance and small weight. It is suitable to use on home, office, car or on the travel. When press the product, it will massage by itself After using, you could take off the air, it is more convenience to carry.

Through massage, it can promote blood circulation, relieve the pain of waist, back and fee.

There are some problem on skin. Please do not use.
The people who are osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart Systemic diseases, aren't allowed to use.
Pregnant woman are forbidden to use.
Do not lay down your body on the vibrating inflation massager.
Don't to use after meal.
1. Don't sleep this product when sleeping
2. Don't to use this product on humid place and contact with water.
3. Don't to touch the product when your hand is damp.
4. Don't to use the product when you are driving car.
5. Please take off the battery when there are some time aren't use.

1 unit    = RM50.00
Borong = RM25.00 (Minimum Order 6 Unit)

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