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Monday, April 23, 2012

Spy table clock


Spy table clock. Boleh letak di office atau di rumah. Rakam video secara sembunyi. Berminat call je saya. Untuk makluman spy table clock adalah merakam bila ada pergerakan. Memang mantap

This brand new hidden camera spy clock looks and works just like a normal table clock. However, hidden within the 12 o’clock time marker is a virtually undetectable pinhole video lens!

Outstanding Features
The spy clock records beautiful 640x480 videos directly to a Micro SD card and at 30fps (frames per second) for smooth motion capture. This ensures all your surveillance videos will always look as clear and detailed as possible. And to make things even better, this spy device even comes with motion detection recording to record video only when objects are moving in front of the lens!

Great for Home and Office 
Do you suspect that someone is stealing from you? Or that your loved one is cheating while you’re away? How about the teenagers, are they drinking when they should be in school? Well now you can finally know the truth- once and for all. Just place this spy clock on your nightstand, living room, or office desk, and come back the next day to review all the activity for the day. You may be surprised at what you find!

At a Glance...
Records audio with video
Easy to use one button recording
Manual or motion detection recording
Virtually undetectable pinhole lens
Highly durable stainless steel casing
Looks and functions just like a normal table clock
Saves beautiful 640x480 30FPS video to Micro SD card
Competitively priced for the resale market
Can be used as a web camera

Harga : RM190

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Kamal : 013-3339279

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