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Friday, October 21, 2011

AUTO VENT - Pengalir haba keluar dari kenderaan


How many times have you parked up the car in the summer and then after a while gone to get in it and the car is so hot that you can not even sit down on the seats?
Well this Auto Vent II is the answer to that problem you will never have a hot car interior again!

This solar powered automobile ventilator will cool your car down on the hottest days. Even on an 85 degree summer day a car sitting in intense direct sunlight for just a few hours can heat up to a scorching 160 degrees.

What a lot of people do not realize is the health risks involved when entering a sweltering car because everything that you touch is just like a hot plate. And nothing is more frightening than putting young kids on fiery hot seats.

The auto vent cools down your car down while you’re away by sucking out the stale hot air and re-circulating cooler air from outside.
This means that your air conditioning takes less time to cool down the interior.

You may be asking yourself how is the Auto Vent powered.
Well it is powered by the solar cells that are on it and also through the optional DC car cord.

Come back to a nice cool car after a great day out with the Auto Vent


1 unit = RM45.00
6 unit = RM28.00

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